Veg' Around Me is the go to service for all your healthy outings

 Whether you're looking for a place to eat or some activities to partake in, look no further. We aim to equip you with the tools and services necessary for finding a wonderful adventure to soak yourself in, then perhaps you'd like some FOOD after?

Our Service is mainly for Vegans and Vegetarians looking for a healthy meal or activity in the Great Outdoors but if you're neither of those don't you worry, we promise not to disappoint anyone looking to partake health-wise. Maybe you're just looking to eat healthy for a week or two, maybe you don't care about what you eat but you love swimming or yoga or other activities, perhaps you've always thought about doing this 'healthy eating' thing so many people are talking about... Don't you worry, we have an App for you!


Beta Sign-up

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Get started on your healthier journey

Download our Mobile App and open up that Magic. The app will use your current location to suggest a place where you can have a meal.
Not looking for food? Switch to the 'Activities' Tab and the app will suggest an Activity or Event in your current vicinity or City.

The Features...
Find Local Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, etc; offering Vegan & Vegetarian delights
Discover Healthy Activities & Promotions
 Navigate to your Destination Quickly and Invite Friends
Get Veg' Around Me discounts
Earn Veg' Points
Lots More!

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